Growing up Nick always knew he wanted to be an actor.  Whether it was constantly trying to make people laugh or performing in his childhood air band “CJNR”, Nick had a need to always be performing.

Some of his fondest moments involve sitting on the couch watching movies with his dad, which turned into a love for film and television. Nick would find himself repeating lines he heard, or pretending to be a ghostbuster or a Goonie, and knew that no job would ever give him the satisfaction acting would.

Nick would come to find that following his dream would not be that easy. After graduating college, Nick went right into the corporate world and felt like he had to remain there. It was not until a series of events culminated by a freak trip to the hospital with a rare medical condition that Nick realized he should have followed his dreams from day one. The next day, Nick quit his job, and began acting. He started taking classes and attending casting calls, landing his first role in a short film.

He has since gone on to land several roles in film and television, most notably on RESCUE ME, GOSSIP GIRL, and a recurring role on ONE LIFE TO LIVE.  Nick can also be seen in several national commercials including MILLER LITE and ESPN.

Nick is also a partner of BORN YOUNG PRODUCTIONS along with Wayne Stephens, which has already produced a play and will go on to start producing short and feature films. There is nothing that will slow Nick down, and he will not stop until his dreams come true.